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Savage Associates Engineering can facilitate all of your Water Resource Engineering needs including Culinary Water improvements of your Water Sources, Water Rights, Distribution Systems, Water Storage, and Water Treatment Systems. We can also provide services for any Irrigation, Storm water, and / or Wastewater System projects you are need of.

Water Resource Projects

Salina City Culinary Water Tank – 1 Million Gallon Tank

  • Project Details – SAE worked with CIB and Salina City to fund, design, and construct this Concrete Water Storage Tank to meet a fast growing region in Salina’s upper pressure zone.

Salina City’s Denmark Well

  • Project Details – SAE worked with hydrogeologists to locate a probable well location. The quantity and quality of the water exceeded planned delivery.

Salina City Water Rights

  • SAE worked with local contacts to locate, purchase, and transfer 330+ ac-ft of water for Salina’s future needs. Securing a municipals water right assets is important as our State plans for increasing growth rates.

Junction Town Water Project

  • Distribution Line Expansion Project – Junction Town was left with a 50-year old development project with no infrastructure available. SAE worked with funding agencies to help the rural community expand its culinary system to provide this area with culinary water. The project should be a means of spurring some economic activity in the region.

Salina City SCADA System

  • SAE worked with E^2 consulting services to design and manage the installation of SCADA for Salina’s water system.

Aurora City Water Project

  • SAE worked with Aurora City to complete a water master plan and irrigation system analysis.