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Ryan Savage of Savage Albrecht Engineering in Richfield Utah

Ryan Savage, PLS

Ryan as the President of the company is still thoroughly involved in everyday decisions as well as currently managing projects for the Company. Ryan has worked in the Engineering / Land Surveying industry for 30 years. Ryan currently provides project management on various road, residential and commercial development, building construction, and surveying projects for the company. Ryan also works with communities to obtain funding from various funding agencies in the State of Utah. He is familiar with State Regulatory requirements for the design and construction of infrastructure projects in the State of Utah. He has worked with a number of rural communities in Utah to secure funding for Fire Houses, EMT buildings, Community Centers, and road projects over the last decade.

Troy Savage of Savage Albrecht Engineering in Richfield Utah

Troy Savage, PLS

Troy is an owner in the company and currently manages the surveying department for SAE. Troy is highly experienced in field engineering and surveying and his knowledge of the latest surveying techniques and practices is valuable prior to and during construction. Troy is the definition of a partner during the construction process and works with communities and the private sector to successfully manage the surveying and construction needs for individual projects.

Rhyn Taylor of Savage Albrecht Engineering in Richfield Utah

Rhyn Taylor

Rhyn Taylor is now a shareholder in SAE and is the Construction Manager for our company. He has over 26 years of construction field experience and has successfully managed hundreds of projects over his career. He has provided field engineering and construction management services on a wide range of projects including Sewer Systems, Culinary Water Systems, Irrigation Systems, reservoir, water treatment buildings, community buildings, and numerous road construction projects. Rhyn has the ability to work with numerous types of contractors to efficiently and productively resolve concerns in the Field which allows projects to keep moving forward, on schedule and within budget. He has an in-depth understanding of Project Management and is a valuable asset to all Clients he works for.

Brandon Jensen of Savage Albrecht Engineering in Richfield Utah

Brandon Jensen

Brandon is our GIS manager for our company and has the ability to bridge the gap between the design and infrastructure management fields. Brandon has a combined total of 17 years of experience in the mapping, drafting, and surveying industry. He is proficient at all types of surveys including rights of way, boundary, alignments, and cross-sectioning. Brandon spent 7 years as the manager of the Wayne County GIS department creating road datasets, land management plans, and collecting applicable data with GPS systems and software. Brandon worked with the Wayne County Airport Managers to coordinate project plans and construction throughout his time at the County. He attended Utah Airport Operators Trainings and worked with contractors for mitigating environmental issues for biological resources in the area.

Don Gragg of Savage Albrecht Engineering in Richfield Utah

Don Gragg

Don Gragg is our ACAD manager and has a successful 23-year track record in AutoCAD drafting and modeling. Don has demonstrated a strong history of producing accurate, detailed, and complete plans throughout his time at our company. Don is a reliable designer and can meet stringent design deadlines. He is trained and can work with various modeling software to provide important data required for designing and developing project plans.

Jake Savage of Savage Albrecht Engineering in Richfield Utah

Jake Savage

Jake is SAE’s Chief Surveyor and works with seasonal personnel to manage and perform all necessary surveying needs for our company. Jake has 10 years of experience on various types of surveying jobs including energy exploration, road construction, building construction, and airports. Jake has an associates degree in Land Surveying and Geomatics from Utah Valley University. He is dedicated to his profession and will work persistently to provide Clients with valuable surveying experience for their benefit.